An Evangelical Calvinist in Need of Employment or PhD

I usually don’t like to use this blog for this, but I have quite a few readers here, so I thought I would this once. Thanks to all of your prayers it really looks like we have made it through the cancer ordeal (as much as you can “make it through”); I am scheduled to have a CT scan this next Monday (please pray I’m “clean”), and then I was supposed to head back to work (at Toyota [corporate] Portland, OR) next Wednesday. Unfortunately, and I mean, unfortunately, I just found out today that I have been laid off (along with 25 others) — effective this Friday.

I just want to put this out there for prayer, and also as a notice that I am officially looking for employment. If you know of anything, especially ministry oriented (my background would fit best with pastor of evangelism and Christian education) — also if there are any would be sponsors out there, I would really like to earn a PhD in theology, and be a professor, let me know — please let me know. I can send you my resume or CV upon request. We don’t really understand what the LORD is doing, but we do know He is doing something (and only the best). Thank you all!!!