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On Being an ‘After Barth Blogger’: Sometimes It’s Better to Just Not Interact

Yes, I’ve had to deal personally with the realization that Karl Barth’s and Charlotte von Kirschbaum’s relationship was not right; adulterous even. But at the end of the day, after all is said and done, Barth set a trajectory for theological discourse that far exceeds himself. This is the way I have come to negotiate […]

A Lurker Reveal Post

This is a lurker reveal post. If you have been reading here or visiting here regularly for any time at all, and you see this post, let me know by simply saying “hi” in the comments (if you feel adventurous you can even say a little bit about yourself). I used to do posts like […]

Some Things to Keep in Mind When You Read Here, and Comment

I haven’t written a post like this for a long time, I used to write posts like this pretty frequently; just to keep things clear about how I operate here at my personal blog. I’m a 42 year old full grown man, with a family, responsibilities, so on and so forth. I’ve been “full time” […]

House Keeping: I am no longer on FaceBook

Just a heads up for any of you who are friends with me on FaceBook. I just deactivated my account, and I am not sure, if ever, when I will return. I think I first started a FaceBook account in and around 2007, but I let it lay dormant until about 2008; even when I […]

Commenting “Policy”

Just a quick housekeeping note in regard to commenting here at The Evangelical Calvinist. I actually don’t get that many comments anymore (blogging has changed since I started 10 years ago), and typically anytime I do you all use great tone and are respectful even if you disagree with me on things. But I would like to […]

The Evangelical Calvinist will stay with WordPress

After getting some good feedback, both here, and from someone else I respect, “offline,” I have decided to keep blogging right here at I won’t be moving to Patheos, for a variety of reasons. Thanks again for the good feedback. And don’t feel slighted if I didn’t go with your advice 🙂 .

What Do you the reader think about The Evangelical Calvinist Going to Patheos?

Yes, what do you think? If you read here please let me know. I am in the process of trying to get my paperwork into them, but it is harder than it seems since I don’t have a scanner or fax machine … so I have to go somewhere else to use a fax. Anyway, […]

The Evangelical Calvinist at Patheos

The Evangelical Calvinist blog (this one) is in the process of transitioning into being a Patheos blog (and part of that network). I am getting all of my paper work in, and I would imagine that in the next few days or so (week?) when you try to come here you will be redirected to […]

I Am Going to Cross-Post Between Here and Medium

I am going to cross post between my blog here and Medium. Medium, I am realizing is just another type of social media, like Facebook (with more space), to get exposure for stuff you write. Most of you aren’t following me over there, and I don’t blame you (it is more cumbersome than I realized–It […]

Moving Writing Platforms

I have been using WordPress for years and years for my blogging, I think it is time for a change. I was just introduced to a new platform for writing, one that is much more aesthetically pleasing, at least to me, much more clean, and one that will serve as my place for registering my […]