In Memorium, My 'Great' Uncle

I just received word from my dad, that my Great (double entendre) Uncle, Orville, went home to be with the LORD this morning at 9 a.m. (pst). He was 92, I had the honor of being able to visit with him, just a couple of months ago, as I was recovering from my cancer treatments, in Southern California where he lived. At that point there was no indication that this would transpire today, he was, apparently healthy and strong; he swam everyday, and rode his bike around the country club where he lived with my second cousin (his daughter). A month ago he started going down hill (I won’t give all the details), he was admitted into a hospice home; and has progressively been getting worse everyday, until today. My mom and sister had the chance to visit him a couple of weeks ago, he was still coherent and alert at that point; he told them that just the day before he had seen his wife (my Great Aunt Delah — she just died about a year ago), and three angels at the end of his bed (my Uncle was a strong believer and had the sweetness of the Spirit about him). And just today, my dad told me, that the lady staying with him in his room, from hospice, said that Orville (he had been incoherent and basically unconscious the last day) became alert for a moment; he said amen and amen, and then he breathed his last shallow breath!

He was a loving man, he loved the LORD, and just had a sweet disposition about him; that can only be attributed to the Holy Spirit, such a gentle soul. He wept with me on the phone a few times as I was going through my cancer stuff; he helped to support us financially during that period, quite substantially. He was just a sweet man, and even though he was 92, I wish he was still here 😦 !

I am just blessed to know that the LORD was visiting him in the Last Days of his life; that, in fact, He must have been at the foot of His bed, as Orville said amen and amen, this morning. Until the eschaton, then, my sweet Uncle . . .