The AChristological Focus of Covenant Theology: A Note on What in Fact is Being Retrieved in the Reformed ‘Resurgence’

The ‘resurgence’ of Reformed theology in the conservative evangelical sub-culture and beyond continues, but what is being retrieved in this recovery of the so called ‘doctrines of grace?’ In this post I wanted to briefly highlight an emphasis, or lack thereof, that is present in the style of Reformed theology that is currently being recovered. […]

Not So Fast Young, Restless, and Reformed; Not So Fast Neo-Puritans: The Reformed Faith, Not a Monological Reality but a Multilogical Made Up of Variegated Centers

I used to write about this frequently, particularly because of my education under Ron Frost; I somewhat quit alerting folks to this reality, but I think I will, every now and then, continue to offer a counter-voice to the dominant narrative that continues to build steam like a locomotive unabated. What I’m referring to is […]

What is Considered Reformed Orthodoxy today Was not what Was Considered Orthodoxy Yesteryear: Calvinism in Historical Perspective

I wrote this originally probably back in 2007. It provides introduction to history that I am almost positive that the Young, Restless, and Reformed and other eager Reformed thinkers have never heard of or considered. Everything nowadays is pretty much flattened out when it comes to what counts as Reformed thought and theology. Full disclosure: […]

Reformed Multi-doxy, Calling ALL Calvinists

Here is a video I did, when I still had hair 😉 , on the history of Calvinism (the weird thing is that I actually had cancer in this video, but wouldn’t find out for another few months); I am reading what I have transcribed below the video here, so if you just want to […]