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An Easterly Influenced Reformed Theology Rather than a Westerly

The ontological characterizes the theology of Thomas Torrance, as it does, consequently for so called evangelical Calvinism. In brief, the Eastern branch of Christianity has focused on the whole person in salvation in the imago Dei. The problem for humanity … Continue reading

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Response to Bruce Ware: Khaled Anatolios in Context and Lewis Ayres

What we know of the persons is their modes of origination and the characteristics attributed to them by Scripture—as long as all attributes are understood to be those of the one simple Godhead. The language of individuation itself serves here … Continue reading

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Khaled Anatolios Says No to Eternal Functional Subordination (EFS)

One wonders if Eternal Functional Subordination (EFS) advocates like Wayne Grudem and Bruce Ware have spent any time reading the authorities on the development of Trinitarian grammar in the 4th and 5th centuries. Books like Lewis Ayres’ Nicaea and its … Continue reading

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A Response to Scot McKnight’s Post; to the Social Trinitarians and Complementarians; and to the ‘Conservative Calvinists’

Scot McKnight just posted on a brewing controversy apparently taking place among so called “conservative Calvinists.” The issue, as McKnight explains it: I speak here of the eternal subordination of the Son, of a teaching that some Reformed theologians are … Continue reading

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Images of the Image of the Imago Dei, The Vicarious Humanity

I love thinking about this reality, it is life-changing! Check out the following, something I posted quite awhile ago, originally. Here is a good quote from Greek Orthodox theologian Khaled Anatolios on the vicarious humanity of Christ and Incarnation: A … Continue reading

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Image of the image of the image: Salvation

Here is a good quote from Greek Orthodox theologian Khaled Anatolios on the vicarious humanity of Christ and Incarnation: A helpful way to synthesize the argument of Against the Greeks—On the Incarnation and to integrate it with Athanasius’s later and … Continue reading

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First Summary from Khaled Anatolios: Revelation

Here is the first theological conclusion that Khaled Anatolios offers at the end of his book; this one is on Revelation. I will quote him at length, and then offer a brief reflection of my own at the end. As Creator, … Continue reading

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