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What Does Doing Trinitarian Theology Really Mean, Bobby? Come on, We are all evangelicals here; we all affirm the Trinity!

To elaborate further on my last post, and a move (by myself, personally) into a Trinitarian theology approach towards doing theology, let me highlight what this means a little more extensively. I mean after all, what I am asserting (about doing Trinitarian theology) might sound strange to most evangelical theologians, and Christians in general, since […]

Biblical Studies People or Systematic Theology: Who Is Better at Writing Systematic Theologies?

I have an advanced copy (due out October 29th, 2013) of Michael F. Bird’s forthcoming Systematic Theology: Evangelical Theology: A Biblical and Systematic Introduction. In opening the first few pages, naturally, Bird explains, a little, what has motivated him to attempt to write a Systematic Theology, and in light of the fact that his specialized training as […]