Martin Luther King, jr. is better than the Reformers?

The following is a post that my e-friend, TCR posted, which is a re-post originally posted by blogger Lionel Woods. I thought I would post it over here as well, and see what some of my readers think about Lionel’s points. I’ve already said my peace over at TCR’s. Go ahead and read it, and let me know. I think Lionel’s passion is commendable, but . . .

“He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

A man asked “what is the greatest of the commandments” Jesus answered “to love the Lord your God, with all of your heart, all of your mind and all of your soul, and to love your neighbor as yourself”. My friends MLK embodied this. I remember a few years ago, falling for the okedoke about King’s theological positions. A group of self-righteous Christians attempted to cripple MLK”s legacy by attacking his theological positions (which really can’t be pinned down because he never spoke clearly on his theology). So here are some questions to ask.

1. Was MLK’s gospel social? The answer is yes and ours better be also, especially if we want our Gospel to look like the one in the bible. Lets be clear about something. ANY GOSPEL THAT DOES NOT DRIVE A MAN’S FEET TO LOVE IS A FALSE GOSPEL. So lets clear that up now. Anyone who preaches a gospel that doesn’t necessitate love in action is preaching a false gospel. I don’t care how precise it is, how well it was written, who they are, or what else they have done. A Social Gospel is a Godly Gospel. Any Gospel that gives someone a trap door to escape out of when it comes to pracital love is not preaching Jesus’ gospel. MLK held a nation who called itself Christian, built on Christian principles and had Christian language in almost all parts of its existence, responsible to be Christian.

It is odd to me that men whom we praise for their theology often ignored their divine responsiblity to love their neighbor as themselves. MLK gave his life loving his neighbor as himself!

2. Whats wrong with a social gospel? Let me explain something. If you want a governmental framework that most closely assembles Christian thought it would be Socialism. Socialism in its ideal form is more Christian than capitalism will ever be. Heaven my friends will be socialistic. Everyone will work for the Lord yet receive the same (think about it). But more seriously, a social gospel holds those who call upon the name of the Lord responsible to love as the Lord says. James ask “can that type of faith save a man” after saying “go and be well fed”. Our Gospel best be socialistic. Actually if Capitalism would not run the Church in America we could make a huge impact on the world. But bottom lines, stock value and suburbanism is synonymous with Christianity in America and if you don’t have these things something has went totally wrong in your life somewhere.

3. What about MLK’s nonviolence? MLK turned a nation upside down using the Chrisitian principle of nonviolence. However, the Reformers used violence and force to coerce man to submit to their will. MLK laid his life down to protect the rights of others. The reformers took others lives for their religious convictions.

So you tell me, which Gospel looks more biblical to you? Remember the religious leaders that Jesus often rebuked had all the fact rights. Happy Birthday MLK, thank you for everything.

Commendable, but . . .