The Bibliography for the Dissertation

Here is a copy of my Bibliography for the PhD dissertation. I’m not going to share the whole dissertation yet, and much of it is already available by viewing our two books on Evangelical Calvinism. I plan on writing a book after, and based on the contents of the dissertation in the future. But to […]

Thomas F. Torrance’s Evangelical Calvinism: A Historical and Constructive Theological Proposal

Here’s another proposal I once wrote in the past as I was considering doing the PhD back in the day.   Thomas F. Torrance’s Evangelical Calvinism: A Historical and Constructive Theological Proposal   The Problem: Thomas F. Torrance’s Reformed theology has been challenged in regard to its genuinely Reformed provenance by Richard Muller. Muller claims […]

PhD in Systematic and Historical Theology Officially Forthcoming on October 15, 2022

It is exciting to see how the Lord has been working in the ministry of Concordia Academic Theology Consortium International; the theological and pastoral educational branch of the General Lutheran Church (denomination). They have received accreditation from and along with Universidad Acreditadora De Capellanía Y Estudios Bíblicos De Puerto Rico, which is recognized by the Department of Education of Puerto Rico […]

On My Doctoral Work

There are further developments on the PhD front. As many of you know I had been working with Martin Luther School of Bible and Theology and Concordia Academic Theology Consortium, Intl. of the General Lutheran Church denomination towards a doctor of philosophy degree in systematic and historical theology. They are both newish (within the last […]

The PhD Saga

My PhD saga continues. I am no longer a PhD student, at least for now. For a variety of life circumstances (none bad) it isn’t going to work out at the moment. Circumstances change, and life has its ebb and flows. When things do finally ebb the right direction, hopefully, the PhD will finally materialize; […]

An Initial Rough Draft

Bobby Grow, Martin Luther School of Bible and Theology                                              04-25-2022 I won’t be using the following as my final proposal, so I thought I’d share it. My final proposal will be something along these lines, and this is getting closer. But I am still thinking of a way to more creatively structure the dissertation, and […]

Some Rationales on the PhD of Choice

One thing that gave me the final push to pursue the PhD where I am is seeing where the PhD in theology leads, even from prestigious schools. I cannot justify going into exorbitant amount of debt (which I already have from undergrad and seminary) to earn a degree even from a prestigious school with so-called […]

Rough Draft Proposal and Thesis 2.0

Alright, here’s the type of re-direction I’m thinking towards in regard to the proposal. Nothing is in concrete yet, just brainstorming. I won’t be sharing the final approved proposal until the dissertation’s completion. But as a career theoblogger, in these early hours of this process, it makes sense for me to share some of my […]