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A Nostalgic Post: Revisiting the Pyromaniacs and Some Response and Surprise in regard to Phil Johnson

If you have been following my blogging from the beginning (which my guess is at this point is that hardly anyone of you has — started in 2005) you will recognize the names that are prominent in this post. When I first realized there ever was such a thing as a theoblogosphere (or bibliosphere) one […]

The Gospel According to John MacArthur at The Shepherd’s Conference Summit 2017

When I first started blogging in 2005 one of the first blogs I ran across was, at that point, Phil Johnson’s blog: Pyromaniac. Later, in 2006, Phil Johnson expanded his efforts and turned his blog into a team blog, renamed: Pyromaniacs. This new and improved team blog was staffed by, of course, Phil, but also […]

An Example of Solo Scriptura Gone Wrong — "Da Gifts"

This post is out of the ordinary for my blog here, it’s a bit “off-topic,” ironically, in regards to the intent of this blog; but I just wanted to offer a response to Dan Phillips, of Pyromaniacs fame. He recently did a series of posts dealing with topics like: New Revelation, spiritual gifts, “hearing from […]

Phil Johnson Critiquing Robert George and the 'Old Thomism'

This is in response to Phil Johnson of Pyromaniac fame. He recently posted an article, at his blog, on Robert George [Princeton Lawyer, and champion of conservative ethics, also devout Roman Catholic] (one of the signers of the “Manhattan Declaration”); he was offering a scathing critique of George’s usage of “Natural Law.” You can read […]