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The “Marriage Framework” versus the “Legal Framework” of Salvation in Post-Reformation Reformed Theology

This is a very old post that I am sure none of you have read. It was written in a time before I became “The Evangelical Calvinist,” and represents the influence I had on me coming out of seminary back in 2003. I still hold to this distinction, and believe it can be synthesized well […]

Grace Compared and Correlated: classical Reformed theology versus evangelical Calvinist theology

There is a lot of talk nowadays about the theology of Thomas Aquinas. Typically when it is Reformed Protestants the reference to Aquinas’ theology has more to do with his Trinitarian theology, and doctrine of God, and less to do with his soteriology. But in a way they are of a piece; how we conceive […]

Calvin’s No! to the Thomists and Scholastics Among Us: Grace is Jesus

I was reminded recently, as a result of interaction with an ardent Thomist/Scholastic theologian, how entrenched that approach is still present within the lives of many Christian thinkers even of today. Well, John Calvin would have none of that! In the following I will be engaging with research my former professor from seminary, and mentor, […]

An English Puritan Critique of Contemporary ‘Reformed Theology’

There continues to be resurgence among many of my evangelical brethren of appropriating classical theistic, classically Reformed theology for today’s evangelical church. The Gospel Coalition comes rushing to my mind most prominently when I think about who is having the broadest impact among evangelical North American pastors, but TGC is not alone! There is also […]

A Conversation with Ron Frost about the Love of God and a Theology of the Word

I just had a good meeting and fellowship time with a former (and still emeritus 😉 ) mentor of mine, Dr. Ron Frost (he is a former seminary prof of mine, and a brother who I TA’d for during and after seminary). Ron is the one who turned me onto Trinitarian theology, and cultivated in me a […]

classical Calvinism juxtaposed with Affective Theology: Comparing and Contrasting William Perkins and Richard Sibbes

*This is a repost that I am sure almost none of you have read. I am feeling pretty undermotivated to write blog posts at the moment, so this will have to suffice. I have added a caveat to this post in an addendum at the end of the post. Don’t worry I have fresh posts […]

A Stubborn Love for Christ, Not Giving In

I just had a good time of fellowship with a former prof and mentor (still that), Dr. Ron Frost. He was professor of historical theology, ethics, and Bible during his days at Multnomah Biblical Seminary; but now is embarked on a different venture, Cor Deo, with a former fellow seminary student of mine, Dr. Peter […]

A Key Shaper of Modern Classical Calvinism, William Perkins

**The following quote is a little lengthy, not too bad, but if you want to skip to the bottom, to my “List of Assertions,” and closing paragraph you might just want to interact at that level (the quote substantiates or at least provides fodder for my assertions). Some might find this beyond where you’re at […]

Richard Sibbes and William Perkins, Law and Grace

Richard Sibbes, English Puritan and pastor, according to Ron Frost, believed that the “law” was not the mechanism for determining if a person was one of the elect of God. This is contrary to the federal, or covenantal view forwarded by William Perkins and others. In fact, it was by keeping the law, by the […]

Classic Calvinism versus Affective Theology: Comparing and Contrasting William Perkins and Richard Sibbes

The following is a lengthy quote highlighting the differences between Federal [Classic] Calvinism and Free-Grace Calvinism [Affective Theology]. William Perkins represents the Federal “Vision” side, while Richard Sibbes the “Free-Grace” perspective. The quote is taken from Ron Frost’s unpublished PhD dissertation on Richard Sibbes and English Puritanism. He is providing conclusion to a discussion he had […]