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The ‘Nashville Statement’ and TF Torrance on Human Sexuality and Same-Sex Relationships

The following is a post I wrote back in January of this year (2017). I thought in light of the so called ‘Nashville Statement’, that came out today, that I would repost this as I think it dovetails with what … Continue reading

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An Easterly Influenced Reformed Theology Rather than a Westerly

The ontological characterizes the theology of Thomas Torrance, as it does, consequently for so called evangelical Calvinism. In brief, the Eastern branch of Christianity has focused on the whole person in salvation in the imago Dei. The problem for humanity … Continue reading

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TF Torrance on Human Sexuality: Gender Dysphoria and its Relationship to God

We are a fractured people, the current state of sexuality and gender ideology illustrates this fracturous state. As Christians we have insight on why this is so, that the ‘world’ or secular perspectives do not have access to (or at … Continue reading

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Christian Imagination and Creativity Provided Fertility Towards Knowledge of God in Christ by Prayer and Contemplation

I wrote this on FaceBook this evening: I think the power of reception, when reading the Bible, as far as interpretive and even meaning generation, is more powerful than many might think. At least as I contemplate this this is … Continue reading

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