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Thomas Torrance’s Doctrine of Salvation

Thomas F. Torrance’s doctrine of salvation is grounded in a Trinitarian frame, and subsequent doctrine of election wherein the vicarious humanity of Jesus Christ is understood to be the locus where what it means to be human before God is realized. Given the fall of humanity in Genesis 3, what it means to be human […]

Reforming the Protestant Reformation for the 21st Century: Getting Past Fundy-Fear and Pressing into the Faith of the Gospel

I don’t think folks really appreciate, fully, what we as Evangelical Calvinists are attempting; some do, but most I would suggest don’t. It isn’t that we are trying something brand new, but instead the attempt is to expose folks to phenomena that have been present in the history of the church. It’s an attempt that […]

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Theology: Deus Dixit, God-Has-Spoken Theology Versus Aaron’s Golden-Calf Theology

In Karl Barth’s Göttingen Dogmatics he has a whole section titled Deus Dixit (lat. God has spoken). As a section prologue he writes: Christian preachers dare to speak about God. The permission and requirement to do so can rest only on their adoption of the witness of the prophets and apostles that underlies the church, […]

Israel’s Purpose is Christmas

Have you ever thought about how related Israel’s history is to Christmas? When Jesus came that apocalyptic night there was a whole complex of promises that had set the stage; the fullness of time, if you will. Israel was God’s vehicle of mediating His salvation to the world; and without her there would be no […]

If Jesus Christ is Not God We Are Still in Our Sins and of All People Most to Be Pitied: The Requirement of Deity and Humanity for Jesus to be the Savior of the World

If Jesus isn’t God in the flesh then we are of all people most to be pitied. I recently was reminded of how important it is that we affirm and understand how significant not only the humanity of Christ is for us, but his deity. Unless we are confronted with competing beliefs sometimes it is […]

Thinking Election from Jesus not a Decree: Thomas Torrance’s Alternative Engagement with the Trad

Election continues to be a contentious issue for many in the orthodox Christian church; I don’t intend on alleviating that tension here. In this post I will focus on contrasting the classical Reformed understanding of election with Thomas Torrance’s classically Christologically concentrated orientation of election (the reason I say ‘classically’ in regard to Torrance is because […]

Beyond the Culture Wars: Christian Theology and the Hard Sciences in Communicatio

We live in a period of history wherein scientism—the belief that modern scientific progression still has the inchoate capacity to unlock the mysteries of the universe one observation at a time/the belief that science has become the new magisteria, the new authority and foundation upon which human knowledge and progress will flourish—by and large underwrites […]

Germans, Decrees, and “A God Behind the Back of Jesus”

This was the topic of my only offering to Christianity Today (2013); the issue of God’s so called transcendence and immanence, relative to the creaturely order. My article was a contribution to their Global Gospel Project, and in it I attempt to popularly introduce a rather technical conception, that in the history is known as […]

Into the Far Country: Jesus and Israel in the Theologies of Barth and Torrance

I thought I would repost this since Israel is in the news once again. In this instance we are taking a more theological look at the place of Israel vis-à-vis Jesus; but I thought it might be vitalizing to think Israel from within the context of God’s covenant and through a Christological lens. I just […]

What Does Thomas Torrance Mean by ‘The Latin Heresy’? Jerome van Kuiken Explains

Thomas Torrance refers to what he calls The Latin Heresy in Western theology; primarily derived from Augustine and his influence upon the development of Western theology. I think some people hear this language, and aren’t exactly sure what Torrance is referring to. To help remedy that I thought I would refer to Jerome van Kuiken’s […]