My Beef with Academic Theology is the Same as Bonhoeffer’s

Peter Frick captures well from Bonhoeffer’s (and Barth’s) posture towards academic theology how DB felt about so-called academic theology indeed. Bonhoeffer’s “unease” with academic (or university) theology resonates with me deeply. I often, as you’ve noticed, rail against academic theology, and the academic theological subculture (of glory) that funds it. It is for the very […]

On Nationalism and the Christian Religion

Karl Barth writes the following as he is tailing off on a development on God’s power: “’The Almighty’ in abstracto [in the abstract] has probably more to do with that revolutionary and tyrannical spirit than with God. The constitution of the Swiss Confederacy is right when it begins with the words: ‘In the name of God, the […]

On Being a ‘Failed Academic’: An Anecdotal Reflection

I was recently in a brief interaction with a former acquaintance I once had through Facebook. This particular engagement took place on Twitter, and this guy who has an anonymous Twitter handle mocked me, at first rather passive-aggressively, for being on the “Trump-train.” I didn’t recognize who this person was, and since they insulted me, […]