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Engaging With Karl Marx’s Utopia and the Future: With Some Constructively Christian Eschatologizing

Marxism. Utopia. Realities shunned by Americans in the main; well at least until lately. I am reading Terry Eagleton’s Why Marx Was Right. Not because I want to become a Marxist, but because I want to understand Marx and the … Continue reading

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A Note on the Christian Conception of the Relationship Between Church and State: A Christopolitical Dispatch

Theo-politics have been somewhat of an uninterrogated reality for me. As a conservative evangelical, growing up, I sloppily and haphazardly went the way of the Republican party as “the lesser of two-evils” in our representative government in North America. As … Continue reading

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Messianic War Against this World System: Gaining Perspective on the Presidential Election 2016 from the Book of Revelation

If you’re an American, and unless you live in a corner, something that cannot escape you at the moment is the intensity of the presidential election (as I write this only two days away). Like many of you, I have … Continue reading

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The Christian Bodily Hope as Commentary and Critique on Current Politics

What this current season of political carnival has worked into me is a sense of loss, of hopelessness. But this sense isn’t discordant with what I’ve already felt for a long time in regard to human government and institutions; indeed, … Continue reading

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Karl Barth’s Response to the Donald Trumpkins: Making Space for the Word of God

I want to repurpose a post that I wrote years ago, and from time to time have re-posted at my various blogs – the original title of the post was: A Critique of the ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ Society. Since … Continue reading

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A Reflection on the Syrian Crisis, One Kingdom Posture, and The Christian Response of Prayer

This whole Syria thing is really a big deal to me, as I am sure it is for many of you as well. It reflects a genuine ethical dilemma for the Christian. And for me, things, unfortunately, are not as … Continue reading

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The Christian and Politics

Here is a snippet from Paul Metzger’s (now published) PhD dissertation on the ‘Sacred and Secular’ in Karl Barth’s theology. In this quote, Metzger is developing Barth’s ‘One Kingdom’ model, and how that relates to political engagement today. I thought … Continue reading

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The Next Day: A Christian Reflection on the Presidential Election, 2012

This is going to be just a short reflection on what I think about the Presidential election that we just lived through here in America. Ever since I could vote (since 1992)— so since the George H. W. Bush versus … Continue reading

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Is America Exceptional? The ‘new Israel’

I was just over at Roger Olson’s blog, and he has provided a mini and partial review of Peter Leithart’s book, Between Babel and the Beast. Apparently (I’ll need to read this when I get the chance), Leithart challenges a … Continue reading

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A Critique of the ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ Society

I really like how John Webster describes Barth’s understanding against the Liberal Protestantism of his day. Ironically, I think, that the way Barth understood the Liberal Protestants of his day, could (should) be the way (by and large) that we … Continue reading

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