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What the Hell [or Heaven]; what do you think?

This question, which for some should simply be abandoned as a non-starter [for people who would rather not think], continues to be one, at least for me, that should be dealt with. It is not because I haven’t concluded something on this, personally; it is because I think this question occasions an even more important […]

What Did Jesus Teach About Hell? Is it eternal, conscious, torment?

“Then he will say to those at his left hand, ‘You that are accursed, depart from me into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels; . . . 46. And these will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.” Matthew 25.41, 46 (NRSV)  Craig S. Keener comments on […]

No Way Around It!, Hell

I have been thinking a lot about hell lately; a joyous thought 😦 . This has mostly been prompted by the fact that my brother is going to be reading Gregory MacDonald’s The Evangelical Universalist; and as a result of my interaction with Jackson Baer, the author of the newly released book What The Hell […]

Book Review: What The Hell: How Did We Get it So Wrong? Eternity, Grace, and the Message of Love

Jackson Baer What The Hell: How Did We Get It So Wrong? Eternity, Grace, and the Message of Love Denver, Colorado: Outskirts Press Inc., pp. xii.+139. Paper. $7.70 I want to thank Jackson Baer for promptly sending me this review copy from his own resources. The following review ends up being a bit critical of […]

The Wages of Sin Are Not Eternal? [The Foreverness of Hell]

Reading Jackson Baer’s book, “What The Hell,” and the fact that my brother is about to read, and my mom has already read Gregory MacDonald’s (Robin Parry) The Evangelical Universalist; has made me return to MacDonald’s book to review and reconsider his argument for a Christian Universalism. It is obviously not the majority report amongst the […]

What The Hell?

I just received a review copy of a book entitled: What The Hell: how did we get it so wrong? eternity, grace, and the message of love by Jackson Baer. I just came into contact with Jackson on a repost I did that featured Robin Parry’s book: “Evangelical Universalist.” Baer, has put together his book […]

Rob Bell, Robin Parry, and ‘Evangelical Universalism’

*Here is something I posted originally in May of this year. It seems this topic has gone quiet, and so I thought I would bring it up again. Honestly, I’d never even heard of Rob Bell before his promo video broke for his now infamous book Love Wins! His book thrust something that I would […]

Discontinuity Between Calvin’s Hermeneutic on the Atonement from the Calvinists

I just read this essay Hermeneutical discontinuity between Calvin and later Calvinism by Kevin D. Kennedy from Southwestern Theological Seminary in Fort Worth Texas in the Scottish Journal of Theology Volume 64 (2011) – page 299. Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to make a copy of it (I read this while I was at […]

Move Over Bell, Now There's Something Meatier . . . [Evangelical Universalism]

Honestly, I’d never even heard of Rob Bell before his promo video broke for his now infamous book Love Wins! His book thrust something that I would imagine “most” Christians didn’t even take seriously (me included) into the forefront: Universalism (the idea that all people will end up “saved”). Of course Bell is not as forthright, […]

The Evangelical Universalist, First Impressions

I just received Gregory MacDonald’s (Robin Parry’s) book The Evangelical Universalist today in the mail. I just finished chapter 1, and am just pressing into chapter 2 (stopped at pg. 43 for the night). I wanted to register a bit of my first impression to Parry’s method and tone. To begin with, I am a little […]