Atheists Only Real Argument is PR and Rhetoric

Here is a great little clip of Dr. William Lane Craig, Evangelical philosopher and apologist, pummeling atheist Dr. Peter Atkins; this seems to be a post debate interview that they both were involved in.

h/t: Derrick Peterson (He shared this on Facebook, in lieu of this article that I was alerted to by Mike Gurney, also on Facebook, that Fox News posted in regards to William Lane Craig’s tour of the UK — he was supposed to debate an atheist named Toynbee, but once she was made aware of Craig’s credentials, she backed out. Equally, Richard Dawkins also wants no part of Craig — the article at Fox can be found here)

The really interesting thing to me about atheists, is that they really aren’t arguing against the Christian understanding of God to begin with. Instead they are arguing against a concept of “godness” constructed primarily by the classic Greek philosophers (like Aristotle, Plato, the Stoics, et al.); the Christian concept of God starts with God’s self-revelation of Himself in the eternal Son made incarnate in the person of Jesus of Nazareth.

I do think there is a place for doing the kind of apologetics that Craig is so good at, but I also think that it is a mistake to take the arguments that Craig uses against atheists as the methodological ground upon which we then speak of the Christian God. If we are going to truly be “scientific” in our theological approach, then we need to let the reality of God himself, revealed in Christ, impose upon us his own categories of being.