Guest Posts

  1. Steven Nemes, An Eclectic Calvinism (March 6, 2014).
  2. Lawrence (Larry) Garcia, Justification According to Works at the End of the Age: Sanders, Wright, and Torrance All Walk Into a Bar … (March 11, 2014).
  3. Bill Ford, Everyman? The Role of An/Enhypostasis in the Theology of Thomas Torrance (March 13, 2014).
  4. Derrick Peterson, A Panic of Joy: Union With Christ as the Skopos of Trinitarian Discourse (March 19, 2014).
  5. Lawrence (Larry) Garcia, The Question of Inerrancy is Simply The Wrong Question: Scripture As God’s “Magic Eye” (March 27, 2014).

2 thoughts on “Guest Posts

  1. Merry Christmas!

    At this time of the year as I find my thoughts filled with the joy that is the birth of Christ, I can’t help but sometimes wonder how a Calvinist can truly say that Christmas is merry with sincerity? Could one really find delight in the fulfillment of the Calvinists’ God’s detailed plan to bring every person into this world with no ability to accept Him, with no ability to do anything but evil, and then this same God torments forever and ever these depraved people who have no ability to do anything but what they have done? And for the lucky few to whom He “gives” eternal life, He does this by imposing his will on them through no choice of their own, and grants them eternal life only in exchange for a lifetime of servitude. Is there anything joyful in this horrific plan when it is unmasked from all its intellectually sounding words and creeds? Is this Calvinistic UNESCAPABLE sentence of eternal torture really good tidings for the majority of mankind?

    I am so thankful that these Calvinistic characteristics do not represent the nature of our loving God. That I can joyfully adore the God of Christmas who provides a gift of eternal life for all mankind; that I can wonderfully proclaim to every person that the Saviour of the world has come and taken away the sins of the entire world! That God is pleading and long-suffering with each human being that each might believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. That He enables every single person to receive Him, and his only sincere will is that every human being would accept his free gift. This is the wonderful Christmas story, one that truly offers merriment and joy to all mankind as a free gift with no obligations. A gift that every person has the ability to accept and has to do nothing to earn or keep.

    I am speaking plainly here about the doctrine of Calvinism, but I truly love those who are Calvinists and count them as Christian friends just as I do anyone who believes on the Lord Jesus Christ. I do believe, however, that it is spiritually beneficial to occasionally shine a light on the disturbing philosophy behind Calvinism. When one strips away all of Calvinism’s fancy creeds and theories and restates them in simple terms, we can clearly see its core theology of a God that torments people forever whom he (God) brought into the world with no ability to do anything different than what they have done. And this was the plan he choose (among the infinite plans he could have implemented) simply because it makes him happy to do this. Surely anyone whose God-given conscience has not been completely seared must find themselves troubled about how a good and holy God could practice these kind of terrors. These attributes stand in stark contrast to the righteousness and goodness which God represents and asks us to follow. They stand in stark contrast to the good tidings of great joy which is the Christmas story.


  2. Brandy,

    Your post is very presumptuous. We in Evangelical Calvinism reject so called 5 point Calvinism and critique it heavily! We believe that Jesus died for all of humanity (so we reject the classical Calvinist conception of Limited Atonement, the “L” in the TULIP, the 5 points). You should have spent more time reading what we believe before critiquing us. We aren’t your typical “Calvinists.”

    Didn’t you read what I have quoted in my sidebar by T. F. Torrance? Apparently you didn’t.

    Please, before making any more comments spend some time doing due diligence, and quit attributing to us things that we don’t hold. My guess is that you would actually agree with what we are communicating and not disagree.

    You kind of wasted your time by spending the time you did commenting the way you did.


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