Here is Hugh Binning (1627-1653), young Scottish theologian, speaking of the primacy of God’s life as the ground of salvation; speaking of the primacy of God’s love as the foundation of salvation: . . . our salvation is not the business of Christ alone but the whole Godhead is interested in it deeply, so deeply, […]

As a good Conservative Baptist (CBA) I grew up singing hymns. One of those hymns is called Grace Greater Than Our Sin and it was published by Julia H. Johnston in 1910. It goes like this: 1. Marvelous grace of our loving Lord, Grace that exceeds our sin and our guilt! Yonder on Calvary’s mount outpoured, There where […]

I find it more than troubling when folks simply write Karl Barth off as ‘fringe’ relative to the historic orthodox Christian faith. And yet this is what someone like Fr. Alvin Kimel believes we should do. He wrote on a recent Facebook exchange (with me): I know I am pushing this side of Torrance hard […]

This post will be a kind of an introduction to the theology of Thomas F. Torrance (Scottish theologian spanning from the 20th and 21st centuries). What I am going to share from him is a very succinct offering on how the nation of Israel functions as a centerpiece in mediating Christ to the world for […]

Sanctified By Grace: A Theology Of The Christian Life (London/New Delhi/New York/Sydney: Bloomsbury/T&T Clark, 2014) ISBN 978-0-567-63217-3 (hardcover) – ISBN 978-0-567-38343-3 (paperback) 264 pp. Price $39.95 (paperback) By: Kent Eilers and Kyle C. Strobel To begin with I would like to say thank you to Nicholas Stewart (of Bloomsbury/T&T Clark) for sending me this review […]

I have recently been involved in some on-line debate about the relationship between the Gospel, the church, and the movement Black Lives Matter. Ever since high school, when my dad took a pastorate in North Long Beach, CA (bordering Compton, CA) I have been intrigued by black culture, black-church and how the Gospel itself looks […]

I have posted quite a bit in these last few weeks on the Same God debate prompted by the Wheaton Controversy; i.e. the idea that Christians and Muslims worship the same God (which I have maintained and argued in bloggy form that they do not). I thought I would make an index of all of those posts […]


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