In Response to Mark Galli’s Christianity Today Article in Support of Schiff’s Impeachment of Trump

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In response to Mark Galli’s Christianity Today editorial entitled plainly: Trump Should Be Removed From Office. I want to register my anger at Galli’s article in this post. I’ve had an ongoing relationship with Galli over the years, to the point that I wrote an article for Christianity Today and was a judge for them choosing the best theological book for 2014. Galli, has been a reader of my blog, and even has directed people to my blog in his recent book on Barth. Unfortunately, Galli has followed the lead (or maybe is helping to lead) of vanilla mainstream evangelicalism in North America. His article is premised on this, as he writes:

But the facts in this instance are unambiguous: The president of the United States attempted to use his political power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit one of the president’s political opponents. That is not only a violation of the Constitution; more importantly, it is profoundly immoral.[1]

It is hard to know how to respond to this. If you have watched the fiasco or circus that Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and Jerry Nadler have put on at the United States House of Representatives over the last couple of months (actually over the last three years) one wonders how Galli could triumphantly claim what he does. The facts are: all the witnesses the democrats paraded forward were all hearsay witnesses minus one; and that one, the sole fact witness (who I heard myself) repudiated the idea that Trump engaged in the coercion of a foreign (Ukrainian) leader. The facts are genuinely unambiguous, but they are that Trump did not behave in the manner the democrats wish he had. I have a question for you, Mark: if the facts of coercion are so unambiguous then why did the House democrats “impeach” him on different, in fact trumped up non-impeachable charges that have no corollary with what you claim is unambiguous? And if he was impeached on different charges than you claim, then what credibility does your call have in regard to removing Trump from being POTUS? If it is demonstrable, then your premise is false, and it is, then the whole of your article is a travesty for those of us who are called to be ‘people of the Truth.’ You face a ‘stricter judgment,’ Mark.

The facts are: Schiff demonstrably lied, lies, continues to lie and fabricate “evidence,” whistleblowers, and transcripts. Democrats have been hell-bent on impeaching Trump ever since the day he won the election to their astonishment. And so they have fabricated a Russia plot, and when that failed, they constructed this Ukrainian plot. The greatest irony to me is that Hillary Clinton is the one with ties to Russia; and Joe and Hunter Biden involved in scandal with the Ukraine. If these are the facts (and they are more deep, nuanced, and damning than what I just noted) then upon what basis, Mark Galli, do you call for the removal of Trump from being POTUS? How is this in keeping with the Christian witness of being people of the truth? You are submitting yourself to a movement shaped by utter spite and hate, and given voice by people who are willing to blatantly and clearly lie to the American public for their own political expediency and sense of power in the world. How is this Christian? It isn’t, you should repent, Mark.

Evangelicals of Galli’s persuasion so hate Trump, and what they perceive he stands for, that they will at all myopic costs sacrifice all else to ‘remove Trump.’ When I say all costs I mean this: they will support a politically partisan movement that has gone absolutely rogue and mad in its effort to overthrow an elected leader by the people. In this process to oust Trump, the DNC, has compromised the very fabric of our Constitutional Republic’s essence. The House democrats have gone rogue, and have set precedent for impeachment that is so low that in years to come any and all POTUS’s will be almost immediately open to impeachment simply because the losing party hates and despises him or her. This is a fissure that has scary and historic ramifications. If one branch of our three branched government can go rogue against the other two branches the very basis of our Republic has been lost, and we are now open to total collapse and chaos as a Democratic Republic. This is what evangelicals like Galli have tied themselves to in the name of Jesus Christ; a movement of gross overreach and political power that destroys the very foundation of our country.

If Trump should be removed from office then that ought to be done by the people in 2020. But he won’t be. I did not vote for Trump in 2016, but policy wise he has made true on his promises; primary of which for me is the shakedown of the abortion industry. I’m not as pleased with his handling of immigration reform, or the humanitarian issues involved with that complex. But none of that can be solely laid at Trump’s administration. It is a monstrosity that has plagued our country for decades, trans-party.

All in all I cannot stand with Christianity Today or Galli any longer. I was associated with them primarily because of my writings on Karl Barth and Thomas Torrance, but after this statement from Galli (as representative of CT as a whole) I cannot and will not stand with them. One positive thing I will note: most people are too afraid to speak out about what they believe in our evangelical milieu of wanting to be accepted by all; I do commend Mark for the guts to make his viewpoint known. Unfortunately, he is radically wrong. I have likewise lost many associations because of my willingness to speak out openly and forthrightly about what I believe. I am open to engaging people with opposing viewpoints, but only if that is done in good faith.

[1] Mark Galli, Trump Should Be Removed From Office, accessed 12-19-2019.

11 thoughts on “In Response to Mark Galli’s Christianity Today Article in Support of Schiff’s Impeachment of Trump

  1. Takes a lot of guts to be so forward when you remain anonymous and make a bald face assertion. Okay, never mind, Galli is right. Next time use your name and at least gesture towards an argument. Btw, I’m dead right. There is no evidence, and you’re blinded by outright hate. Think again, and get a clue!


  2. Bobby I have the greatest respect for you…but not for Trump. Of course I am a Canadian and have enjoyed the benefits of Medicare for all in Canada and Scotland when I studied with Torrance. So according to Republicans that would make me a Socialist.
    I find Trump’s racism repugnant…and it goes back all the way to his calling for the execution of the Central Park five who were innocent…to his very hesitant condemnation of American Neo-Nazi’s Marchs.
    His insults to John McCain and his family, and now to Debby Dingle and the memory of her husband are disgusting.
    I am old enough to remember that even Nixon handed over documents and allowed witnesses…Trump clearly does not want Bolton and his other officials to testify…why not?
    I do not like or trust either the Republicans or the Democrats…they are both responsible for the growing gap between the rich and poor. CEO’s in the US now make 400 times the income of their workers. Both parties are controlled by wealthy lobbyists. Like Barth I side with the sick and the poor.
    But merry Christmas to you…


  3. The racist card is too easily played in re to Trump; so are other cards. But this isn’t about his character per se. Even so, I find it strange that so many Christians seem to not believe it possible for people to change. Of all people we ought to be those who hold out the belief that people can change. My whole post tho has to do with failure to meet the threshold for impeachment; that was not met! This will damage our republic for years and years. It’s a travesty for our country. And yet Christians are willing to go along with this impeachment crap purely because they hate Trump’s person; it is so shallow. This is what I see Galli et al doing. POTUS isn’t pastor or priest in chief. I see him more like a Gentile king in the OT; my expectations aren’t what it seems most evangelicals are for Trump. At the end of the day, there is no legitimate basis for impeachment!

    Merry Christmas


  4. I agree that it is wrong to malign anyone by accusing them of crimes or misdeeds in the absence of evidence, and that goes for accusations against Trump as well. Yet he himself in his Tweeter feed and other public forums has routinely done exactly that from before his presidency right to the present, on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, starting with the fictional Birther conspiracy theory against Obama, and including his baseless and unsupported allegations against the Bidens. How do you justify your own accusations against the Bidens in the absence of any evidence? Aren’t you in fact maligning them in just the way you say Trump is being maligned by the Democrats? How is it different?


  5. What do you mean, there is evidence against Hunter and Joe. The difference is, is the “evidence” in re to Trump has been placed under minuscule scrutiny, and has come back empty. The evidence against Joe and Hunter has thus far been suppressed by subterfuge. His allegations aren’t his allegations are the allegations of many in the know. If and when Pelosi hands the impeachment to the Senate, and if they choose to have a trial, Joe and Hunter (and Schiff and the whole crew will be in trouble). On what basis do you claim that the allegations against Joe Biden are baseless? He’s on record of telling the Ukrainians that if they didn’t get rid of the prosecutor PROSECUTING his son, that they would not receive American dollars. That’s not something done in a corner, but is viewable for the whole world to see.

    And to keep our eye on the bouncing ball: the point is that Trump was impeached for charges that the witnesses themselves weren’t called for. They were called to establish that Trump engaged in quid pro quo; and they couldn’t do that, even in the kangaroo court they were called to.

    Maybe you should get your facts and logic straight before you comment again. And like I said, full name. I take responsibility for my posts and comments by using my real and full name, I am requiring (on MY blog that others do too). So, if you respond again, use your full name and attempt to be more forceful in what you have to say. Your comments are essentially red herrings relative to the substance of my original post.


  6. Bobby, do you need an outsider to talk to you about the US legal system and even your Constitution?
    As I have heard it the impeachment process is not a court, kangaroo or otherwise, but the process established in your Constitution to consider a trial against a President.
    You said that you ‘see him more like a Gentile king in the OT’. Isn’t that exactly the issue? Isn’t the POTUS only ONE part of a balanced authority, and all three ‘parts’ answerable to the Constitution?
    ISTM there were some goings on in the 18th century against a George person who thought he was above the law.


  7. Bruce, nein. I considered if I should even dignify your snark with a response. If you aren’t couth enough to recognize why I’m calling it a kangaroo court then it seems this all has been lost on you. ‘Kangaroo court’ is a turn of phrase, a rhetorical overture, to identify what a travesty and circus this whole thing has been from beginning to end.

    Gentile king. Yes, as in Cyrus or some other king who God was able to providentially use to turn the tide of cultural collapse. Ironic that God could use someone like Trump to put a stall to the globalist agenda.

    Yes, POTUS is an equal and third branch in the three branched system of checks and balances. Exactly! So, if you’d like to enumerate for me what charges were established, through the testimony of the witnesses, I’m all ears. Apparently you have failed to follow how they shifted from what they were going for–quid pro quo (cause the witnesses couldn’t establish that)–to fake charges of abuse of power and obstruction of congress. You can’t obstruct congress when you’re an equal and branch of the government yourself. Wait, I thought I already said that somewhere. Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, and the whole of the DNC are in violation of the constitution right now! Pelosi is not doing her duty of turning the “impeachment” over to the senate. She is acting as a singular and absolute branch of the government rather than one of the three. And when the House democrats would not allow Trump to bring his own witnesses, or defend himself in any way during this inquiry, it is this that should alert you to what an absolute sham this whole thing has been.

    That’s okay: Trump will thoroughly win again, and this time w/o question. And I’m all for this because it will demonstrate that we are still a constitutional republic that one rogue branch of our government cannot thwart.


  8. Thanks Bobby!
    I have been lurking here for some time, reading as many posts as I can. In addition to the food I get, it gets me off of contentious Facebook for that time. And you know I can be beastly on facebook.
    I was against Trump before I was for him. I believed Ted Cruz would be much more appropriate to lead our country.
    I, like you have argued for the redeemability of a person and even their past.
    Anyone commenting here ought to rejoice with the Angels that one may have met his Savior. Those same ought also to remember that they did not become angels over night, but tortuously slowly humanized with their exposure to the Man Jesus Christ.
    I am still a beast and will fall on my face and tremble when my Lord appears.
    We may not know who is wheat and who is tares, as the Lord commanded us not to pull out the bad weeds until the harvest, as the good grain may be uprooted with the weeds. I trust the word of pastors who know him that say that Donald Trump has believed. I believe Billy Graham said that about almost every president he met.
    I could be wrong, but it is telling to me that everyone that supports impeachment brings other issues to the fore to justify it. Asked for evidence for the impeachable offences he is charged with, they have none.
    Almost to the man I believe they are getting their information from “the pope” – the monolithic main stream media.
    I believe you and I would absolutely agree, put not your trust in men or horses or chariots. That includes President Trump, The Honorable Ms Pelosi or any other.


  9. Duane,

    We definitely agree about the propaganda machine known as MSM. People clearly haven’t done their due diligence in this area, including Mark Galli. Galli has staked the future and legacy of CT on the “news” reported by places like CNN MSNBC et al.; this is unwise, to say the least. But this is how elitism works; there is a genuine qui pro quo that takes place between elitists. Whether the elite are in the theological realm or the media realm, or what have you, it is this sort of you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours that defines this realm every day and all day.


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