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A Summary of the Issues at the Border by Immigration Lawyer, Scott Hicks: ‘The love of many will grow cold.’

I wanted to share a summary of what is taking place at the southern border. This is the best I have read after reading countless news stories from all the various “sides.” The following is written by an immigration lawyer … Continue reading

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Reflection on the Happenings at the Southern Border

If you aren’t friends with me on Facebook or Twitter then you will have missed all of my posts about the current crisis unfolding at our southern border. It’s not that this is a new crisis; it’s that it is … Continue reading

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The Confessing Church’s Word Against Jeff Sessions and the Natural Theology of the Trump Administration

Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, as many of us know by now, quoted Romans 13 in defense of the barbarous policy of separating children from their parents as they are seeking asylum from their third world living conditions which are embroiled … Continue reading

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Knowledge of God, Knowledge of Self and the Same Sex Attracted Christian Community

The following is a comment I just published over at another blogger’s site (who I just came across) who is somewhat arguing for an affirmation of Christian homosexuals. His original post is responding to Phil Johnson’s recent posts against Christian … Continue reading

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Mathoma Contra Homosexuality and Other Porneias: A Tweet Involving Virtue Ethics and Human Sexuality

I originally posted this the other day, left it up for a couple of hours, and then took it down. I think I’ll post it again now with some further caveat. As you read the thread itself, by its author, … Continue reading

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A Word on Sanctification from the Apostolic Deposit and the Early Protestants in Response to The Revoice Conference 2018

Writing on themes of God’s holiness, repentance, sanctification, and living a mortified and vivified life before God is getting less and less popular; even among many ‘conservative’ Christians. This post will fit into that ‘unpopular’ category, as I want to … Continue reading

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Jesus as an Exemplar Reduced to a Principle of Love: Miscellanies on Christian Social Engagement, Human Sexuality, and Holiness

I have just been having a very messy discussion on Facebook with my daughter’s former youth pastor in regard to homosexuality and how Christians ought to relate to homosexuals. His tact was to write a series of posts on Facebook … Continue reading

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Rachael Denhollander and Martin Luther’s Theology of the Cross

Like many of you, most likely, I watched Rachael Denhollander’s powerful testimony and statement made at Larry Nassar’s sentencing for his molestation of not only her but of more than a hundred other USA Gymnasts; he was the team doctor. … Continue reading

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A Corollary Between Aryan Nazism and Planned Parenthood’s Abortionism: The Sanctity of Human Life as a Canon of Allegiances

I am reading Robert Jenson’s Systematic Theology Volume 2 (I just recently finished his Volume 1), and in his chapter on the imago Dei. In passing, almost, as he is writing on nihilism’s impact on the way human beings view … Continue reading

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Chalcedonian Logic and the Diminished Christology of The Nashville Statement

When we separate the work of Jesus Christ from his person, or vice versa we will necessarily end up with not only a deflated expression of the Gospel, but also attendant with that, a weakened sense of ethics and holiness. … Continue reading

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