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Assurance of Salvation in Christ

My personal chapter for our newly released (May, 2017) Evangelical Calvinism book, volume 2, is entitled: “Assurance is of the Essence of Saving Faith”: Calvin, Barth, Torrance, and the “Faith of Christ”. In it I offer a constructive critique of Calvin’s doctrine of election/reprobation and what that does to his understanding of assurance of salvation. […]

Myk Habets and the Evangelical Calvinists Against Apophatic Theology: How Cataphatic Theology and the Theology of the Cross are the Better Way

There seems to be a revival of apophatic theology taking place in our moment; I’m thinking of someone like Katherine Sonderegger and her newish Systematic Theology: Volume One. This trend seems prevalent, even as a mood, among others (because this is a blog post I’m not going to get into proving this further at this […]

Gannon Murphy On: To truly know God is to love him. Religion and Piety As a Frame for Knowing God

By now you know that our second Evangelical Calvinism book was just released, the full title being: Evangelical Calvinism: Volume 2: Dogmatics&Devotion. But as you also know Myk and I had a volume 1 Evangelical Calvinism book published under the title: Evangelical Calvinism: Essays Resourcing the Continuing Reformation of the Church (which this subtitle is also […]

Providing Some Theological Correction for John Calvin’s Doctrine of Assurance: From Evangelical Calvinism, Volume 2

I think I am going to start doing some posts that refer to our just released book Evangelical Calvinism: Volume 2: Dogmatics&Devotion; in other words, I will share particular quotes from particular chapters, and do what I do as a blogger: reflect and engage with that material. In this post I will briefly engage with […]

Table of Contents for our New Book: Evangelical Calvinism: Volume 2: Dogmatics and Devotion

The following is the Table of Contents for our new book, Evangelical Calvinism: Volume 2: Dogmatics&Devotion. It has just released through Pickwick Publications, an Imprint of Wipf&Stock Publishers, and currently can be ordered directly through them. In another 2 to 4 weeks you can order it through Amazon; or in 4 weeks it will be […]

Evangelical Calvinism: Volume 2: Dogmatics and Devotion has been released

You can now order our new coedited book from Wipf and Stock: Evangelical Calvinism: Volume 2 Dogmatics and Devotion. I think you will be blessed and encouraged by this book, and all of the awesome chapters we have for you in regard to filling out further what Evangelical Calvinism entails. What you will notice is how […]

Announcing the Soon Release of our Edited Book: Evangelical Calvinism, Volume 2: Dogmatics and Devotion

I’m excited to announce that our second volume Evangelical Calvinism book is about to be released! If you liked our first volume (2012), then I think you’ll love this one. And even if you didn’t like our first volume so much, you might like this second one better; it’s a little different in what it’s […]

A Different Way: A Calvinism Where God is Love not Law

God is love. For evangelical Calvinists such as myself and Myk Habets this is determinative for how theology ought to be done, and the shape which Christian spirituality should have—the shape of love, Triune love. One of the theses Myk and I wrote for our Evangelical Calvinism book (vol. 1) states in part: The primacy […]

The Elevation-Line in Theology: The Primacy of God in Incarnation and His Reality in ‘EC’ Theology

I have written on the primacy of Christ and ‘elevation-line’ theology before (a theology articulated in the medieval period by John Duns Scotus), here at the blog; but I thought I would revisit it (it has come up in my TF Torrance readings). The issue under consideration has a basic premise, but comes, of course, […]

Understanding and Critiquing Paleo-Covenant Theology: Do Contemporary Covenant Theologians Genuinely Represent Old School Federal Theology?

There has certainly been a resurgence of Reformed theology in the last ten to fifteen years or so; one notable, at a popular level is the so called: Young, Restless, and Reformed. The evangelical Calvinism that Myk Habets and I have promoted through our edited book (we have a volume two at the publishers), and what […]